Kelvash Island

A small island in the southeastern corner of this part of the world, it’s about as far from humanity as you can get without a seafaring boat. The only sovereignty on the island is that of the Kingdom of Vorom and its illustrious monarch, King Royir. Yep. He runs the show. Generally good guy. He leaves Syncairn well enough alone, since it serves as a remarkable gateway to the kingdom as a whole. Better to focus all of the criminal element into a small, controllable area than let it run rampant across the entire place.

There are numerous small communities on the island, as well as an unusually large number of ancient abandoned temples and dungeons of all sorts. In the deeper recesses of the island it’s easy enough to find dragons, fey, and all sorts of scary in betweens.

Denizens of Kelvash

  • Voromians, the followers of Royir and the general populace. They’re mostly farmers and craftsmen, with a fair number travelling to Syncairn to become sailors.
  • Ice Trolls of the Northern Mountains.
  • The Frozen Brood of the Southern Mountains.
  • As yet unnamed Fey clans dotting the forests in the foothills.
  • A handful of small Elven villages along the eastern spur.
  • At least one significant Dwarven community buried in the Northern mountains.

Kelvash Island

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