Syncairn’s a medium sized town, a place where pirates, merchants, and adventurers intermingle relatively freely. The town itself is a small city, with a population that wildly fluctuates but tends to stick around 7,000 permanent residents. It’s run by a council of elected officials, elected into office once every two years. The elections tend to be a pretty big deal, but plenty of the locals generally treat them as glorified drama. Because of its predilection towards.. undesirables, the city itself is fairly notorious. The laws in Syncairn tend to be twisted versions of what you’d normally expect. Larceny, for instance, tends not to be an explicit crime. If you’re caught, well, you give it back. If you don’t, and someone cares enough, you find yourself in an arena. Generally, though, it’s a twisted mash of a those-who-can-do mentality and an almost overbearing dictatorship. Except nobody really knows, or cares, who’s calling the shots. Aside from its notoriety, people are flooding to the city on a daily basis. The city’s great arena, and seven smaller arenas, tend to draw major crowds. Unfortunately, this also means a steady stream of new victims. And because of the generally temperate climate in the city, tourist season is every season. It never really slows down. To make things more interesting, Syncairn is in an interesting position that it’s really the only way to get onto Kelvash Island. I mean, sure, you can swim to the shores, and then climb the mountains, and try to navigate the snow-stuffed passes, but good luck doing that with even a dozen men. It’s treacherous at best. The only other water-based approach is on the far east end of the island, a harbor stuffed with rocks that can sink even iron bound galleons. Because of all this, the location, the streams of visitors, and the general seediness, Syncairn’s coffers are overflowing with money. Anyone looking to make a buck, quick or honest, is welcome in Syncairn. The problem is, there’re hundreds of others with the same idea. And their knives are sharper.

Syncairn holds a very precarious relationship with its ‘parent’ nation, the Kingdom of Vorom. While it’s a bastion of thievery, it’s also basically the kingdom’s primary form of income. Many of the merchants eventually get sick of the town and wander deeper into the island, where their goods tend to spill into the local economy. Because of this, King Royir tends to live and let live. The king’s men steer clear of Syncairn, and the pirates and thieves stick to their boats and brothels.

Notable Places

Syncairn is filled to the brim with interesting places. Really, Kelvash Island as a whole is filled with interesting places, it’s just a matter of finding them. Of course, Markham’s crew will take you wherever you want to go. For a fee.


Points of Interest


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