Aelora: Blood and Glory

We What?
To Whom?

So we return to our story. It’s amazing how much you can change your future with one.. misguided action. The group awoke, bored with living mundane lives, and decided to figure out what they might be able to do since there was a bit of a lull in their, presumably, adventuring lives. So off they struck, early in the morning, to figure out what they could. This all turned out well, fruitful information, juicy tidbits. Things to do. After lunch, the group struck back out, and found themselves wandering the bazaar. While navigating the light throngs of people, they caught glimpse of a trio of fellows tailing them. It was pretty obvious, I mean, it’s hard not to notice three guys dressed alike avidly following you around every corner. So our intrepid group decided to set up a trap in an alley.

Turns out, in the long run, that was a pretty bad decision. Cairsin fell to the first arrow, apparently some kind of poison. The group had to be careful, as they weren’t particularly interested in slaughtering the mass of innocent folks behind their assailants. Crime’s handled in a bad way here, so it’s best to keep the nose clean. Charrika picked up the point man, growled in his face, and started bashing him in the head. Another arrow skitters past the group. One plants itself into Charrika’s shoulder. Her eyes flutter, but she shakes off the poison. The other two leave the point man to the beast that’s meticulously bashing his face into the cobblestones.

Having chased off two of their new friends, and bent one of them into submission, they drag him and Cairsin’s limp body back to the Farmer’s Arena. Brucellus waddles his torpid self into the training area where they’ve got this bound fellow, and finds his insignia. He doesn’t say much, but he demands they leave. He won’t say why or what for, he just insists that he’ll have nothing to do with whatever they’re doing with this poor limp man. After some discussion, they decide to drag him to a nearby stable and, well, let’s just say he found himself closer to a horse than he probably had ever intended to be. They took his insignia, his clothes, and sent him on his way.

The day was mostly uneventful. Realizing that the insignia belonged to Annatolis, the group decided to barricade themselves in Rilos and Charrika’s room. They all bunkered down, shoving a bed against the door and another against the window. They didn’t want anyone giving them a surprise visit. While waiting, and debating what to do about the fact that they just humiliated what appeared to be one of Annatolis’s personal guards, they heard a ruckus outside. People were streaming into the central square of the city. Always the adventurous types, Cairsin and Lucien decide to go see what was going on.

In the square, they found their friend. He was hanging from a rope, strung up on the side of the Silver Threads, still covered in manure. They returned to the group and informed them that the guard they’d humiliated had been killed.

Unhappy Inquisitor
My skin is on fire.

I’m beginning to fear that I’ve made it a habit to wake up with my head pounding and my stomach aching as if I haven’t eaten for a week. How much jerky do I have left anyway? Not nearly enough, I’ll just have to hope someone dies before I run out I guess. The stranger is a cruel man for leaving us on this island; those other idiots have forgotten about the dead calm and the realm of the brine dragon, but I remember. If we had shipwrecked more of the crew would have survived or there would be more wreckage; a fully crewed slave trader doesn’t just go missing. Hey look, a ship!

The Story So Far
We did what?

This adventure began by two strangers being brought together by a pair of horses. It’s only become stranger from there. Initially, the group found themselves being pursued by lightning elementals, kobolds, and generally angry things in the backwaters of the Kingdom of Avernus. In the process of fleeing these things, they found themselves in a seaside town. In this town, while trying to find the Man in White, the group came under attack from a mysterious group that managed to put everyone to sleep with poisons. The Sorcerer was the only one that witnessed who they actually were, being only paralyzed and not put to sleep as the others were. The town guards, it seemed, were trying to kidnap the group. Instead, they were put on a Woundwood slave ship to some island colony in the south.

It’s here where memories get fuzzy. Some say they wound up at the bottom of the ocean through darker magics. Others say they wandered the sea for years before finding their way back. In reality, though, they shipwrecked on a small island. They were found by the Brokenstone Merchants, who ‘rescued’ them. Unfortunately, this daring rescue leveled a significant debt upon each of them. Once in Syncairn, they were connected with Brucellus, the manager of the Farmer’s Arena, who offered a pittance for their gladiatorial services. After winning their first fight, they sought out better ways to make money. Everyone they spoke with agreed, Markham would be best. They found Markham’s guild and signed up for a charter. They completed the first challenge quickly and without any significant loss of life. The next day, the group fought Bob at The Gilded Mug. They dispatched him quickly, much to the arena master’s chagrin. Bob was since replaced by an Ice Troll, and the group has spent three weeks performing mundane work in an attempt to find money and wait for Markham’s ladies to contact them again.

The Exiled Wind
The wind blew from the east as Rilos climbed over the rocks. “Shit, their catching up,” he nearly stumbled as vaulted over the rocks “Ha! there is civilization after all!” A small hamlet is on the horizon, with a tavern full of mead thought Rilos as he out paced his Kobold followers. hours of running made the fragile sorcerer long for a warm bed and some mead. After finally eluding and evading kobold sentry after sentry, he mad his way to the the unknown hamlet. There he found him self in the tavern with Charrika, the vivacious orc, some other women who was insane, a alchemist whom had a tale and was not of this plane, and the barkeep. After a drink and relaxation, Rilos remembered why he was running in the first place, it wasn’t the kobolds that him running like a milk drinker. It was his own people. He was an exile, forced out by his own people for not believing in their own god. Well why should he, their god that they worshiped was one that hated anything that had substance, and he had substance and more. His goals were to replace his peoples god with something that gave a damn about them. Then there were those kobolds that were chasing him, he should probably say something to the rest of the inn about them, so they weren’t set upon unknowingly. But this drink was so good thought Rilos, well if i dont say something no one will. Plus the drink will be there for later. “So there is a pack of kobolds coming down the hill about an hour or so after me, we should take care of them.” Rilos wakes up bleary eyed and confused as nine hells. He remembers being exiled from his clan, home and kingdom, but the for the life of him cant remember why he had a dream of kobolds, a bow that Peirced 4 kobolds or why he had strange visions of an ocean, an orb, a ship, a dragon, and under the sea. Under the sea! No i’m claustrophobic. Sweating and chained to a ship Rilos awoke, not knowing what was real and what was a plague of dehydration, he watched the other “passengers” on the ship with trepidation. after the key holder set them all free, and told them we owed 3,000 gold each to some organization did Rilos begin to really pay attention. He had just glided through life until the recent months, exile, slavery, freedom, imprisonment, non stop running, and chained to a boat! Rilos realized that life could hold so much more for him if he just applied himself. With this band of misfits he could fit in, with this group he could progress toward making something of him self, but he would need a protecter for the time being and the orc cold not keep her longing gaze from him. Rilos thought to him self " well she aint too pretty but she damn sure can handle her self, ill be her snoosnoo if she can keep my ass out of the fire." Through strenuous trials and many drinks the deal was struck. Rilos had a protector, now to gain more power and continue on. The boat docked and Rilos heard the crows nest billow “Syncairn, be dar!”. Land, finally no more water, no more water elemental’s, wait what? water elementals? my mind is blurry like i drank to much at a dwarven wedding. i know something of these creatures and for some reason they are stuck in my head. Along with a man who keeps following the rest of the party…. why for the life of me cant i remember anything. I know i’m Rilos Bloodwind, sylph, and exile, but most the last 7 weeks are a blur. i need to stop drinking so much. Syncairn an island, a solitude for my wandering mind. A place of great wealth if you can seek it with out death, or pissing of those of power. Well, the last part inst hard to do when you have a big mouthed whore in the group, who would like nothing but to steal from the richest man in the city, but thats a story for later. lets begin about the city. We came as people in debt to some organization ( i wasn’t paying attention, there was something shiny in the background), and we have to make a certain payment to them. Great. lets start making money, how do we do that? Well we were told that they have arenas here, and the people pay a good wage for fighters. pah i cant fight, i blast someone though, as long as i have a meat sheild. and that i do thanks Charrika. We now have a stable income, and others keep joining our band of misfits though they don’t last very long. We are called Rilos Bone-spear for some reasont they let me be the voice of the group. I haven’t been in charge or the leader of anything since i was the voice of the wind when i was child, its alot better now that im grown up and have somewhat of a clue as to what im doing. We fought against a group of kobolds in the arena of farmers today, i wanted one as a pet/follower and through some coaxing and other languages it happened. i named my kobold companion Deacon, he seems to like me a lot. By the nine hells, he can write! who would have thought these creatures where some what intelligent? they really are! Deacon is a great addition to our Mary band now all we need is a healer…. We have a fight with bob the ogre in the Gilded mug tonight.
It’s been far too long since I’ve set foot on solid ground. It’s been even longer since I’ve ventured into a city of this size. Memories of home quickly wash over me as I examine what lies ahead. It took more effort than I’d like to admit before they were once again pushed out of my mind. I throw a couple gold pieces to the ship’s captain before picking my bags up and heading on in. It doesn’t take too long before I run into a noisy crowd. I try finding a place among them to see what all the commotion is. Two human peasants are fighting over some scraps of food. It makes for a quick fight to the death. “A friendly welcome into the city of Syncairn”, I think to myself. The crowd disperses and I am reminded of how hungry I am.

As I find what looks like a promising tavern for a bed and some ale, maybe some half decent food, the door opens as I reach for the handle. I am greeted by the sight of a towering female half-orc. I step aside as I feel her eyes settle on me for a second, the glance pierces me with a feeling of inadequacy, she looks away with a grunt of disatisfaction before I can make up my mind about what the glance even meant. I’m still not sure, I’m not even sure that I want to know.
She passes and three more figures follow. I study them as they exit the tavern. A mysterious looking half-elf female. A frail looking sylph male. Followed by a kobold strangely enough. The sylph looks at me and tells me that I’m far too shiny, “I might want to watch myself” he says.
Confused, I look down at my breastplate, then at a couple passerby’s and I instantly realize what he meant. “You stick out like a sore thumb” he continues. “Stupid expression” I think to myself. “What’s your name?” he says.
I introduce myself as Lucien Lachance, I also learn that his name is Rilos and upon closer inspection he doesn’t look nearly as frail as I first thought. He still looks like he would snap from a simple fall but the static around his face could be taken as a warning not to be the one to cause that fall. He offers an invitation to join their group of misfits. Knowing that strength lies in numbers, and the memory of the fight fresh in my mind I accept. I also learn that the half-elf’s name is Cairsin, the kobolt’s name is Deacon, and the half-orc that gave me the chills earlier goes by Charrika. I get the feeling that she isn’t too fond of my presence.

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