Serilia Seracha

Ze Drood!


One quarter staff
Lots of spells


Raised by one evil bastard and a saint, don’t ask how that works, Serilia was always at odds with herself. The one things she did always know is whats right and whats wrong. But which side to take, was always the question. Eventually it was chosen for her when her evil mother was killed by a Druid. Her father went into mourning/ hiding and was never seen again. So in her teenage years she was torn. She didn’t hate the druid. Death was a natural thing and she new there was consequences to evil deeds. Also good, but not as bad. The Druid took pity on Serilia and her odd up bringing and decided to teach her the ways of being good. Serilia tried and eventually got good at pretending evil things bothered her. She was mentally lack luster though. She wanted to do something but she didn’t know what. She had no motives, no goals. Not much to drive her one way or the other. It was like she was bored. She didn’t have two sides to war with.

Eventually her boredom was seen as troublesome. She would start to cause chaos for the fun of it, but would avoid actual harm to anyone. The druid who took her in pleaded with the other druids to let her train Serilia to become a Druid. She felt this was the only way to curb Serilia’s boredom. The other druids agreed on the condition it was done somewhere else, where Serilia couldn’t burn down a building because she’s bored.

Andiha, the druid who took Serilia in agreed and soon began to teach Serilia. To which she took to quickly. She rarely burned things down out of fun. But she also learned to heal. Serilia knew her father was often hired to heal people. This interested her more then the fire. Andiha was very happy about this. Eventually Serilia became a Druid. Andiha did not get to live to see it. She was already very old for her human age. For once Serilia was genuinely upset about death.

For a few years after she is a hired hand to heal. She felt it was what Andiha wanted and it usually paid well at little effort from her. Serilia doesn’t nessaccarily believe the hardcore Druidic believes as in never eating an animal or live from natures bounty and spare all you can. But she respected it, she even became an armor smith so she could us ALL the animal parts. (leather) she is also a good healer.

Still some Druids have problems with her and think she should be kicked from the honor. But the elders know her and see the good she has done. She is not a typical Druid, but she does good, respects the rest of them and their believes and would be a danger once released from the bonds of Druidhood.

Serilia however, is content. She is not bothered by death and sadness, but she will try to help when she can, and has only burnt down one inn, that she ahs convinced most people it was an accident.

In the mean time, she searches for what is missing. While she is happy, she is missing something. Causing chaos is so good and makes her feel a live, healing people makes her fell good. But something is missing. While she waits though, she will lead anyone new she is a typical Druid as much as she cares to. No one needs to know she isn’t as long as she is getting paid.

Who knows, sometimes it makes people feel better to know they have a normal druid around.

Serilia Seracha

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