Aelora: Blood and Glory

When Two Paths Meet


What my party doesn’t know about me is slowly coming to the surface. My vendetta against that man has come to a point where I must act. I had to go on my own so I could fix Felbjorn, tis a shame that I cannot tell them why yet. Upon finishing my task, I met back up with (guys name i cannot remember) and he let me know about where the group had ventured towards. He also sent two interesting people with me as back up; a paladin and a druid. We were told to bring cold weather gear, but upon meeting up with the group we had no idea that it would be as cold as it was. The half-orc tried to climb the cliff side but to no prevail. Nature’s chill set upon us so amongst the group an idea came to use the paladin’s shield as a gurney of sorts for a fire we carried around with us. The paladin burnt his face…but I don’t even think he knew what was going on. We eventually located a temple of sorts, and decided to investigate. The only problem was the massive slope down to get there. Before even discussing it, three of our group decided to ride the tower shield down the slope. That left me with only two options, ride my bedroll down or slide down on my back. I made it down with only a few bruises, but the paladin decided to wax his chest and slide down face first with the druid on his back. He hit a rock and then went head over arse and proceeded to flip the rest the way down the slope. I’m finding that paladin might have a gear loose or two, but he provides a reason to laugh even when it’s as cold as it is. Upon walking into the massive opening of the temple we saw two statues that looked life like. I suspected that they were unusual, but we had more important matters to tend to. Then the druid reached up and poked the statue on the left and it came alive…figures. I was able to blast away chunks of one of the statues and did a fair deal of damage to it, and the other my party turned into rubble. I find myself wondering why am I sticking my neck out for this group when I have no idea what we are doing. Where are we going? Why am I here? What is this quest even for? I need to find answers if I will be able to remain for their cause. I do have my own agenda to worry about, for now being with this group has served that agenda well. If this venture becomes unfruitful, I might have to consider my options.



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