Aelora: Blood and Glory

Passion of the Flame

His seed burns within me.

Those mountains, oh for the love of all my clan, those mountains were amazing. But now it’s time to go back to the “civilized lands.” It’s time to go sell the dragon’s corpse and sell off all the things that I don’t need. Oh I’m tired of dragging this corpse around. At least the ice has been keeping it from stinking. And the eggs, those damn eggs. I’ll be getting rid of mine fairly fast. I wonder how much money I can get out of it.

On our way back to Syncairn the king’s men were patrolling the roads. That must have something to do with the fires in the city. I hope there is enough left that it won’t interfere with getting rid of this thing. Traveling with Rilos is getting a bit dull, with his face buried in that book all the time. Well hell, hopefully we can liven things up a bit. Or I would have if Nameless hadn’t wandered off sometime back. I’m the only one driving this wagon.

Well Nameless showed back up, though she smells of fresh meet. Must be all that blood all over her. Well at least there’s someone to talk to now. Her and that Hano she keeps talking to. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not.

Oh this city, this wretched wretched city. I hope we get to leave soon, I only just escaped this cozy little hell. Let’s pay these assholes off and get off this rock. Wait….what is that bright light over there. It’s so intense, so primal. It would make and excellent father, if I can figure out how. Rilos seems interested in him as well. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. I wonder if he’s jealous, if he saw the look in my eye. I’ll figure out a way to have him. But first lets get rid of this damn dragon. Twelve-hundred Platinum! Gods what an amazing sight. We can buy our freedom and have some left over for the romp of my life.



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