Aelora: Blood and Glory

Once Forgotten

Since coming to this revolting excuse for a city I’ve done little of worth. The people in this city are jaded as fuck it seems. With little to do but muck around and scrounge up what little gold they can. The placidity of this place is driving me to amuse myself at expense of my goal. A goal I’d forgotten about in my affair with Rilos. Not that I have many complaints about it, he serves his purpose, but he’s frail.

Yesterday was the first amusing day in weeks. Started off boring enough, same thing we do every day, find work to do. Rilos has finally gotten off his ass to return to his path. It has reminded me to do the same. My life has gone stagnant. I’ve even forgotten that I’ve been on the run, and that my life and that of Rilos and that other woman who feasts on the flesh are walking a thin line. The new people who’ve been following us around at least have been causing a bit of ruckus. Karsin brought more trouble than I had expected but she’s more stable than the priest who just showed up the same day. Last night I had to stop the priest from murdering a man who attacked us. Survival was the only reason I stayed his hand. The man needed to be taught a lesson and a message needed to be sent to Annatolis, we are not to be trifled with. I’m leaving this city before the whole thing comes crashing down on our heads. Hopefully I can convince the others to leave as well.



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