Aelora: Blood and Glory

General spell casting involved

druid, spell casting

::while she is writing this, she is thinking it out too, imagine her voice flustered and very fast::

Hired healer my ass! This bunch of weirdos has enough healers as it is! Fire seems to be the main object in my head. Oddly enough water too. Who knew you could freeze a construct snake by adding some water. Although in this tundra who wondered.

I don’t know this group very well yet. The, female?, orc is the strongest but is also probably not the safest to be around alone. The creepy human? is worse though. Both eat people. That of which I would rather avoid topic there of. The gun smith is quite. I don’t like that. At least the other two I know what they do. The sorcerer is eccentric but really..what sorcerer isn’t. He also has a Kolbold following him, that he named Deken. The only name I remember. The other caster of sorts, (I’m not sure what he is) seems to be a healer. The paladin I was hired with died very quickly. I’m not a mean person, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Watching the cannibal women and the orc eat him, was a bit much.

While with this moutly crew, we traveled to the frozen tundra, which I was not informed of happening upon being hired, nor was I pleased. We ran into a temple of Air, which was abandoned for the most except a dragon, undead horde, undead frost giant, giant statues of female warriors, guardian construct snakes and this crew. None….of which was fun.

We did find a young dragon horde. I hope to keep one of the eggs. A druid with a dragon… just sayin. We also found a library full of books about air and the temple. Somewhat boring for me, but I took one to learn the air language.

And on that note, this group has some Aquen enemies they forgot to mention. Fortunately I speak it, or I wouldn’t have found out. I’m sure because I wouldn’t have been told. No one has told me why and avoid telling me. Being coy and telling me they don’t know will only work so long.

How much longer must I put up with this?



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