Aelora: Blood and Glory

Fresh Meat

A trip into the mountains, now this is exactly what I need. Fresh air, a cool breeze, and something to kill on my mind. The trip to the mountainside was almost uneventful, unfortunately though it wasn’t. The one who smells of sulfur and smoke came riding up, somehow knowing where we were going. We all left together, without telling anyone of our plans, why does anybody know we are up here? The thought makes me anxious. He did however bring with him a snake shaman, good tidings come with the knowledge that the spirits are with us. The other he brought with us looks tasty, but there’s nothing but dung between his ears.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t scale the cliff face. Not that anyone else could have made it either. Ended up having to take the long way around. Well fuck it, not like I couldn’t use the exercise.

The weather up here is amazing, it feels so fresh and the powder is so clean. Everyone else seemed to be getting cold though. The pious prick and sir dainty sorcerer took a shield and were fighting over how to make it into a gurney to carry a fire and keep everyone warm. Their arguments were comical at best, while they were busy, I grabbed some pitons and hammered them into the corners and slung some rope through them. There’s a speck in the distance that’s not natural to the area. I wonder what it is, well time to drag them over there and see.

Well hell, look who the displacer beast dragged up here. No wonder banging on her door was useless, I should tell her about the splinter I got from it… Well maybe not. Looks like she’s coming with us though, that will be good, it gets a bit boring without her mumblings. She’s probably the only one who actually seems comfortable when I’m around. I haven’t met anyone like that since grandpa Tanner was alive. I’ll keep her, she’s nice to talk to when I can understand her.

Well everyone else seems to be getting too cold to move and there’s nowhere to find shelter up here. They can deal with carry the fire, I’m continuing on. I want to get to the dragon before they try to kill the thing. The Bloodspear tribe must rise again. Looks like the nameless one is coming with me, well it’s good to have a second pair of eyes up here. Small talk comes easy around someone who doesn’t fear me openly. Well there’s the top of this crest…..woah would you look at that!



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