Aelora: Blood and Glory

Blood and Adrenalin

Well we found the dragon I was looking for, though not only do they seem to attack on sight, but also hurt quite a bit. In the midst of my fight for survival, in the moments when my mind reverts to the primal core of my being something awoke. Something exciting, watching the dragon tear into the nameless one with it’s long curved teeth seems to have imprinted onto me. I felt the urge to bite, rip, and tear into it’s armored flesh. I bet I could rip right through it, but it will have to wait until next time.

The first time in quite awhile I’ve found what I’m looking for. Though this one happened to lay eggs. Three of them it seems, and everyone seems to be fighting over them. Nobody seems to think that we can buy our freedom with it. While they’re in an uproar and I’m doing all the heavy work, they can have what they can carry down the mountain. Which most likely isn’t terribly much.

All this chopping and digging through ice has worked out the lethargy in my muscles. Everything seems so lighter now than before. Some nice scars are forming as well, new ones to tell the tale of my first dragon slaying. My ilk shall be proud and fear their mother, as well they should. I need to fill my loins with child soon, I feel that now more than ever seeing those eggs. The Bonespears live on through me.



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