Aelora: Blood and Glory

Answers Without Questions

“These old names in a strange language made me uneasy as well. You know she appeared to me as the Sixth Veil in a body of fire?” “Yes, exactly.”

We crest a small hill and I stop to look around, our pace is slow and I do not know if we will reach Syncairn in time, we may have an interesting day or two. Rilos briefly glances back. Why would a Sylph be here of all places?

“He knows something, that’s for sure.” " Apparently about that too."

I eat a piece of jerky as my stomach cramps. I hate jerky, soon I will have steak once again!

“Yes, of home.” “After. When it was only myself and the Dark Twins.” “It had to be accelerated so that they could venture out for initiates.” “The Grand Master is more than capable of taking care of himself. You know that as well as I.” “The Grand Master has reason to believe this path will lead me to him. I cannot doubt him.” “You are right, but I cannot go back.” “No, I am sure he hasn’t.”

I reach for the book and the sphere; “Rilos, these are yours.” I make the exchange as quickly as possible, I do not like having them out in the open. I look upwards before walking away. “Come Hano. We will hunt for bear meat. A good dinner will be nice.”

“You’re making my head hurt; I know what I am doing so shut up.”



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