Aelora: Blood and Glory

Another Day in the Snow

It's a bit cold!

Terrified of the repercussions they may have wrought, and thrilled with lost adventures being rekindled, the group set off for the South the next morning. The trip south was fairly uneventful, on the way, a Druid and Paladin caught up with the group in the company of Aiden. The group stopped off in the town of Nysorad, nestled into the foothills of the southern mountains. There they left their horses and wandered into the snow.

After their journey, which generally involved their new Paladin friend accidentally setting himself ablaze in a variety of peculiar ways, they came across the Inquisitor, apparently meditating. At the top of a mountain. Nobody’s real sure why, but there she was. They gathered her up and carried on towards the temple.

Once at the temple, our lovely crew find a pair of beautiful women encased in stone. Unfortunately for the Druid, they were very stabby women. After a brief kerfluffle between the group and two stony exteriors, the group decide to bed down for the night. Unfortunately, they mostly forgot that doors aren’t always locked from the side they’re on. So they got a rather rude awakening from a rather large skeleton. After a.. difficult fight, they won. Well, mostly. The Paladin almost got himself cleaved clean in twain. So they left him in a puddle of his own blood to sleep. Oh, and they secured the doors the second time around.

That night, the Dragon apparently also concerned about the skeletons, erected a fairly impressive wall of ice around the sanctuary doors. The group decided it would be best to go around the outside than try and pry the doors open. Unfortunately, once outside, they found a pair of peculiar ice elementals that decided to harass them. While trying to deal with a pair of enemies that could slip effortlessly away into the snow, the Dragon decided to come investigate the Sorcerer’s incessant whistling. She mostly seemed to focus her attacks on the Inquisitor, blaming her for the elementals. After scaring the holy hell out of the poor thing, they took turns slaughtering her. During the larger fight, their newly found elemental friends fled, surely to inform some superior of their location.

After clearing out the Dragon’s horde, and cleaning up, the group decided to camp one last night in the Temple. The next morning, they popped into the library. A few.. snake.. things decided they wanted to poison the group, paralyzing half of them and otherwise taking large nibbles out of everyone else. The Druid spent most of her time trying to push the shelves over, while the Sorcerer spent most of his time trying to find books.

In the end, the group got everything they wanted, and managed to survive. Well, everyone but the Paladin. They put him out of his misery that morning after he went down. And then ate him. And now, the group is on its merry way back to Nysorad.


You call us “the group” when you should say THE RAGING FISH OF THE SILVER THUNDER!!!

Another Day in the Snow

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