Aelora: Blood and Glory


I hadn’t realized how much I missed home, it has been many years. My chambers have not changed much; a thin layer of dust has settled but the bed is fresh and a fire is burning. I climb into bed and I can tell it has been warmed for me. This is the best welcome I could ask for.

I awaken to an unnatural darkness and a profound silence. I reach for the dagger I keep at the head of the bed but I am not in my bed; reaching for the knife strapped to my leg I realize I am not in my body.
I hear a crackling sound and off in the distance I see the glow of a thousand flickering candles approaching slowly until the world has turned to fire. There are figures in the flames dancing around and through where I perceive myself to be; never noticing my presence. Suddenly a pathway appears directly before me and I see her again. A naga made of flame draws near, a veil obscuring the lower half of her face. Sivanah. She looks into me, sees me as I am, as I was, and as I will be, and I am burning. I can do nothing else but join the dance.

I feel like have revelled for hours in the fire when I see a hearth to take me home. I step through and find myself in the banquet hall; the table full of the highest ranking initiates. It is a banquet to honor a noble guest; the Theurgist who crafted our curse. I saw my former self filling the cup of High Inquisitor Selath when Divine Lerequet amputates his own legs at the knee with a carving knife. The hall stilled as his blood splattered across the table. All at once the Grand Master was missing his head and the High Inquisitor his face. Others disappeared completely while many of my fellow initiates on serving duty began to bleed from their eyes and mouths as their fingernails fell off and their bodies began to rot. I feel the hunger again as I watch a handful of us double over in pain. Lerequet tried to grab my younger self and hold me back from devouring my superiors with the others but I was too strong. Through the carnage the Cursemaker laughed with glee before he spoke some spell into his hand and vanished.

I blink and I am back in the High Inquisitor’s chambers, it is morning and the fire has burnt down. I climb from bed and dress before selecting a handful of books from the Inquisitorial library I wish to take with me. I send an initiate to the Pilgrim’s quarters to provide breakfast for my guests, directions to the library for Rilos and to good hunting grounds for Charrika. I will see to the needs of Pyrus myself before going to the library.

Passion of the Flame
His seed burns within me.

Those mountains, oh for the love of all my clan, those mountains were amazing. But now it’s time to go back to the “civilized lands.” It’s time to go sell the dragon’s corpse and sell off all the things that I don’t need. Oh I’m tired of dragging this corpse around. At least the ice has been keeping it from stinking. And the eggs, those damn eggs. I’ll be getting rid of mine fairly fast. I wonder how much money I can get out of it.

On our way back to Syncairn the king’s men were patrolling the roads. That must have something to do with the fires in the city. I hope there is enough left that it won’t interfere with getting rid of this thing. Traveling with Rilos is getting a bit dull, with his face buried in that book all the time. Well hell, hopefully we can liven things up a bit. Or I would have if Nameless hadn’t wandered off sometime back. I’m the only one driving this wagon.

Well Nameless showed back up, though she smells of fresh meet. Must be all that blood all over her. Well at least there’s someone to talk to now. Her and that Hano she keeps talking to. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not.

Oh this city, this wretched wretched city. I hope we get to leave soon, I only just escaped this cozy little hell. Let’s pay these assholes off and get off this rock. Wait….what is that bright light over there. It’s so intense, so primal. It would make and excellent father, if I can figure out how. Rilos seems interested in him as well. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. I wonder if he’s jealous, if he saw the look in my eye. I’ll figure out a way to have him. But first lets get rid of this damn dragon. Twelve-hundred Platinum! Gods what an amazing sight. We can buy our freedom and have some left over for the romp of my life.

Answers Without Questions

“These old names in a strange language made me uneasy as well. You know she appeared to me as the Sixth Veil in a body of fire?” “Yes, exactly.”

We crest a small hill and I stop to look around, our pace is slow and I do not know if we will reach Syncairn in time, we may have an interesting day or two. Rilos briefly glances back. Why would a Sylph be here of all places?

“He knows something, that’s for sure.” " Apparently about that too."

I eat a piece of jerky as my stomach cramps. I hate jerky, soon I will have steak once again!

“Yes, of home.” “After. When it was only myself and the Dark Twins.” “It had to be accelerated so that they could venture out for initiates.” “The Grand Master is more than capable of taking care of himself. You know that as well as I.” “The Grand Master has reason to believe this path will lead me to him. I cannot doubt him.” “You are right, but I cannot go back.” “No, I am sure he hasn’t.”

I reach for the book and the sphere; “Rilos, these are yours.” I make the exchange as quickly as possible, I do not like having them out in the open. I look upwards before walking away. “Come Hano. We will hunt for bear meat. A good dinner will be nice.”

“You’re making my head hurt; I know what I am doing so shut up.”
Another Day in the Snow
It's a bit cold!

Terrified of the repercussions they may have wrought, and thrilled with lost adventures being rekindled, the group set off for the South the next morning. The trip south was fairly uneventful, on the way, a Druid and Paladin caught up with the group in the company of Aiden. The group stopped off in the town of Nysorad, nestled into the foothills of the southern mountains. There they left their horses and wandered into the snow.

After their journey, which generally involved their new Paladin friend accidentally setting himself ablaze in a variety of peculiar ways, they came across the Inquisitor, apparently meditating. At the top of a mountain. Nobody’s real sure why, but there she was. They gathered her up and carried on towards the temple.

Once at the temple, our lovely crew find a pair of beautiful women encased in stone. Unfortunately for the Druid, they were very stabby women. After a brief kerfluffle between the group and two stony exteriors, the group decide to bed down for the night. Unfortunately, they mostly forgot that doors aren’t always locked from the side they’re on. So they got a rather rude awakening from a rather large skeleton. After a.. difficult fight, they won. Well, mostly. The Paladin almost got himself cleaved clean in twain. So they left him in a puddle of his own blood to sleep. Oh, and they secured the doors the second time around.

That night, the Dragon apparently also concerned about the skeletons, erected a fairly impressive wall of ice around the sanctuary doors. The group decided it would be best to go around the outside than try and pry the doors open. Unfortunately, once outside, they found a pair of peculiar ice elementals that decided to harass them. While trying to deal with a pair of enemies that could slip effortlessly away into the snow, the Dragon decided to come investigate the Sorcerer’s incessant whistling. She mostly seemed to focus her attacks on the Inquisitor, blaming her for the elementals. After scaring the holy hell out of the poor thing, they took turns slaughtering her. During the larger fight, their newly found elemental friends fled, surely to inform some superior of their location.

After clearing out the Dragon’s horde, and cleaning up, the group decided to camp one last night in the Temple. The next morning, they popped into the library. A few.. snake.. things decided they wanted to poison the group, paralyzing half of them and otherwise taking large nibbles out of everyone else. The Druid spent most of her time trying to push the shelves over, while the Sorcerer spent most of his time trying to find books.

In the end, the group got everything they wanted, and managed to survive. Well, everyone but the Paladin. They put him out of his misery that morning after he went down. And then ate him. And now, the group is on its merry way back to Nysorad.

Blood and Adrenalin

Well we found the dragon I was looking for, though not only do they seem to attack on sight, but also hurt quite a bit. In the midst of my fight for survival, in the moments when my mind reverts to the primal core of my being something awoke. Something exciting, watching the dragon tear into the nameless one with it’s long curved teeth seems to have imprinted onto me. I felt the urge to bite, rip, and tear into it’s armored flesh. I bet I could rip right through it, but it will have to wait until next time.

The first time in quite awhile I’ve found what I’m looking for. Though this one happened to lay eggs. Three of them it seems, and everyone seems to be fighting over them. Nobody seems to think that we can buy our freedom with it. While they’re in an uproar and I’m doing all the heavy work, they can have what they can carry down the mountain. Which most likely isn’t terribly much.

All this chopping and digging through ice has worked out the lethargy in my muscles. Everything seems so lighter now than before. Some nice scars are forming as well, new ones to tell the tale of my first dragon slaying. My ilk shall be proud and fear their mother, as well they should. I need to fill my loins with child soon, I feel that now more than ever seeing those eggs. The Bonespears live on through me.

Fresh Meat

A trip into the mountains, now this is exactly what I need. Fresh air, a cool breeze, and something to kill on my mind. The trip to the mountainside was almost uneventful, unfortunately though it wasn’t. The one who smells of sulfur and smoke came riding up, somehow knowing where we were going. We all left together, without telling anyone of our plans, why does anybody know we are up here? The thought makes me anxious. He did however bring with him a snake shaman, good tidings come with the knowledge that the spirits are with us. The other he brought with us looks tasty, but there’s nothing but dung between his ears.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t scale the cliff face. Not that anyone else could have made it either. Ended up having to take the long way around. Well fuck it, not like I couldn’t use the exercise.

The weather up here is amazing, it feels so fresh and the powder is so clean. Everyone else seemed to be getting cold though. The pious prick and sir dainty sorcerer took a shield and were fighting over how to make it into a gurney to carry a fire and keep everyone warm. Their arguments were comical at best, while they were busy, I grabbed some pitons and hammered them into the corners and slung some rope through them. There’s a speck in the distance that’s not natural to the area. I wonder what it is, well time to drag them over there and see.

Well hell, look who the displacer beast dragged up here. No wonder banging on her door was useless, I should tell her about the splinter I got from it… Well maybe not. Looks like she’s coming with us though, that will be good, it gets a bit boring without her mumblings. She’s probably the only one who actually seems comfortable when I’m around. I haven’t met anyone like that since grandpa Tanner was alive. I’ll keep her, she’s nice to talk to when I can understand her.

Well everyone else seems to be getting too cold to move and there’s nowhere to find shelter up here. They can deal with carry the fire, I’m continuing on. I want to get to the dragon before they try to kill the thing. The Bloodspear tribe must rise again. Looks like the nameless one is coming with me, well it’s good to have a second pair of eyes up here. Small talk comes easy around someone who doesn’t fear me openly. Well there’s the top of this crest…..woah would you look at that!

General spell casting involved
druid, spell casting

::while she is writing this, she is thinking it out too, imagine her voice flustered and very fast::

Hired healer my ass! This bunch of weirdos has enough healers as it is! Fire seems to be the main object in my head. Oddly enough water too. Who knew you could freeze a construct snake by adding some water. Although in this tundra who wondered.

I don’t know this group very well yet. The, female?, orc is the strongest but is also probably not the safest to be around alone. The creepy human? is worse though. Both eat people. That of which I would rather avoid topic there of. The gun smith is quite. I don’t like that. At least the other two I know what they do. The sorcerer is eccentric but really..what sorcerer isn’t. He also has a Kolbold following him, that he named Deken. The only name I remember. The other caster of sorts, (I’m not sure what he is) seems to be a healer. The paladin I was hired with died very quickly. I’m not a mean person, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Watching the cannibal women and the orc eat him, was a bit much.

While with this moutly crew, we traveled to the frozen tundra, which I was not informed of happening upon being hired, nor was I pleased. We ran into a temple of Air, which was abandoned for the most except a dragon, undead horde, undead frost giant, giant statues of female warriors, guardian construct snakes and this crew. None….of which was fun.

We did find a young dragon horde. I hope to keep one of the eggs. A druid with a dragon… just sayin. We also found a library full of books about air and the temple. Somewhat boring for me, but I took one to learn the air language.

And on that note, this group has some Aquen enemies they forgot to mention. Fortunately I speak it, or I wouldn’t have found out. I’m sure because I wouldn’t have been told. No one has told me why and avoid telling me. Being coy and telling me they don’t know will only work so long.

How much longer must I put up with this?

There is Never Enough Jerky

I don’t know why you thought this was a good idea, it’s cold up here. I’m almost out of jerky too, only 7 days worth; we should have made more before we left. Oh hey, there’s people! More jerky maybe? No it’s those fellows I’m supposed to travel with and it looks like they have some new friends. It was still a bad idea to not restock the jerky; unless I can eat one of the new ones.

“What are you doing here?” Rilos asks, “What do you think I’m doing here?” I think to myself; I have no idea what I’m doing here except that I was informed it would be a good idea! How many times do I have to tell him that I didn’t know they were going to be here, it doesn’t work like that at all!

I cannot believe we didn’t block the doors after fighting those statues. Skeletons! At least the heretic seems…edible. I will probably have to share him with Charrika, I still don’t know if the jerky I have will get me back to resupply though. I don’t have enough trail rations to get through even one day if I run out.

NO! That is not going to happen. You don’t have any credibility right now…telling me I had enough jerky to last me the trip! You’re unbelievable… wait, they found a… oh.

When Two Paths Meet

What my party doesn’t know about me is slowly coming to the surface. My vendetta against that man has come to a point where I must act. I had to go on my own so I could fix Felbjorn, tis a shame that I cannot tell them why yet. Upon finishing my task, I met back up with (guys name i cannot remember) and he let me know about where the group had ventured towards. He also sent two interesting people with me as back up; a paladin and a druid. We were told to bring cold weather gear, but upon meeting up with the group we had no idea that it would be as cold as it was. The half-orc tried to climb the cliff side but to no prevail. Nature’s chill set upon us so amongst the group an idea came to use the paladin’s shield as a gurney of sorts for a fire we carried around with us. The paladin burnt his face…but I don’t even think he knew what was going on. We eventually located a temple of sorts, and decided to investigate. The only problem was the massive slope down to get there. Before even discussing it, three of our group decided to ride the tower shield down the slope. That left me with only two options, ride my bedroll down or slide down on my back. I made it down with only a few bruises, but the paladin decided to wax his chest and slide down face first with the druid on his back. He hit a rock and then went head over arse and proceeded to flip the rest the way down the slope. I’m finding that paladin might have a gear loose or two, but he provides a reason to laugh even when it’s as cold as it is. Upon walking into the massive opening of the temple we saw two statues that looked life like. I suspected that they were unusual, but we had more important matters to tend to. Then the druid reached up and poked the statue on the left and it came alive…figures. I was able to blast away chunks of one of the statues and did a fair deal of damage to it, and the other my party turned into rubble. I find myself wondering why am I sticking my neck out for this group when I have no idea what we are doing. Where are we going? Why am I here? What is this quest even for? I need to find answers if I will be able to remain for their cause. I do have my own agenda to worry about, for now being with this group has served that agenda well. If this venture becomes unfruitful, I might have to consider my options.

Once Forgotten

Since coming to this revolting excuse for a city I’ve done little of worth. The people in this city are jaded as fuck it seems. With little to do but muck around and scrounge up what little gold they can. The placidity of this place is driving me to amuse myself at expense of my goal. A goal I’d forgotten about in my affair with Rilos. Not that I have many complaints about it, he serves his purpose, but he’s frail.

Yesterday was the first amusing day in weeks. Started off boring enough, same thing we do every day, find work to do. Rilos has finally gotten off his ass to return to his path. It has reminded me to do the same. My life has gone stagnant. I’ve even forgotten that I’ve been on the run, and that my life and that of Rilos and that other woman who feasts on the flesh are walking a thin line. The new people who’ve been following us around at least have been causing a bit of ruckus. Karsin brought more trouble than I had expected but she’s more stable than the priest who just showed up the same day. Last night I had to stop the priest from murdering a man who attacked us. Survival was the only reason I stayed his hand. The man needed to be taught a lesson and a message needed to be sent to Annatolis, we are not to be trifled with. I’m leaving this city before the whole thing comes crashing down on our heads. Hopefully I can convince the others to leave as well.


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