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Aelora’s a big world, with lots of pieces. Over time we’ll be seeing most of them. Right now, though, you’re going to be most interested in Kelvash Island, the Kingdom of Vorom and King Royir. Don’t forget to add your own thoughts on the Adventure Log. Also, feel free to leave comments on pages. I read everything that winds up on this site, and I have plenty of time.


So. Syncairn‘s burning. That’s a thing. You’ll figure out why sooner or later. Anyhow, relevant links of the moment:

  • The Achairim: some sort of civilization or community. They are, apparently, the ones that built the temple as well as wrote the books present in its library.
  • The Unfettered: it’s hard to say what these are. They’re referenced in the books in an almost pious tone, but they are never identified. Clearly, whoever the books were written for was assumed to already be familiar with them.
  • The Lost Wind: an ancient artifact, apparently stolen by Hshurha and used to bring herself into full divinity. Or, at least, to get rid of the others. This is only briefly mentioned in one of the youngest books found. It seems to leave off with her having stolen it, and the book seems almost mournful.
  • Sondilsa: an ancient Djinni and Sylph city built high in some mountains. This is mentioned in the same book as The Lost Wind and Hshurha. The relation between the city, the artifact and the god is difficult to glean, but it’s clearly an unhappy one.

Player Info

Information for players. Anyone can swap out characters if you want. I’d rather you not flip flop constantly, but if you’re bored, feel free to bring something new to the table. Only one PC per player. All new characters should be built using the Point Buy system outlined in step two. We’re using 25 points. Any common race is fine. Uncommon races will need an OK from me first. Any Core or APG Class is perfectly acceptable. If you want to play a UM/UC class, talk to me first. We are using traits, so feel free to pick two. Remember, you can only have one of a given type. All new PCs will be starting at the lowest level of the group. That’s 3, right now. It might change down the road. You start with money appropriate to your level. That’s step 8 on the creation outline. PCs have to be nonevil. True Neutral only if you OK it with me first. I’d like a first name, a last name, and a basic goal. Finally, we’re using the Wounds and Vigor system from UC. Max vigor for the first two levels. Roll for the rest.

I generally try to keep as close to the rules as possibly, with minimal house ruling. The most salient one is probably how I handle alignments. I hate them, honestly. But they’re a necessary evil due to how higher level play works. So, for normal folks, they’ll only detect an alignment that your god believes them to be. If that person is the kind of person your god hates, he’ll be evil. Even if he’s not in the traditional sense. Speaking of gods, we use the Golarion pantheon. Slightly recast, since this isn’t Golarion, but generally identical. I’m lazy and religions are hard. Sue me. Any questions, feel free to email/text/call/harass me.


Y’all get to track it yourself. Please don’t lie, cheat, or steal. That would make me sad.

Thing You Did Experience
Wrote a Bio and/or a Description 250xp
Posted Adventure Log 300xp1



  • Tom the Halfling
  • Markham the Adventurer
  • Annatolis the Wealthy
  • The Old Fat Guy at the Farmer’s Arena – Brucellus

1 This will go up as the group levels. It’ll be 100xp/level of the highest level character currently active.

Aelora: Blood and Glory

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